Solveigh Bijkerk


Solveigh Bijkerk is a specialist in social security law, co-determination laws and regulations (trade unions, works councils, and advising company management), and international employment law.


Solveigh holds a Masters Degree in Civil Law (1998) from the University of Maastricht specializing in international law. Next to her degree in law Solveigh also studied German and French (1990-1991). 


Solveigh began her career as a lawyer in 1998 in the Amsterdam office of CMS, a global alliance of major law firms, and specialized in international and cross border employment and contract work. From 2006 until 2009 Solveigh worked for the International Chamber of the Administrative High Court of the Netherlands (Centrale Raad van Beroep). Her experience in the judicial system offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has added a new dimension to her work as a lawyer. Since 2009 Solveigh returned to the law practice. Since 2022 Solveigh has partnered with Sagiure as an independent of-counsel supporting the Sagiure team and clients. 

Additional Information

Solveigh is a member of the board of the philanthropic organization IONA Foundation and since 2017 Solveigh is a trainer and legal advisor with ATIM, a coaching and consultancy agency in co-determination matters, typically related to the collaboration between works councils and management teams.

Memberships & Associations

The Netherlands Legal Bar Association (NOvA)

IR Global