Our Story

The founders of the firm – Rachida el Johari, Madeleine Molster, and Jos Pothof – have been working in international law firms for many years before launching Sagiure in January 2014. Rachida and Madeleine began practicing law in the early 2000’s and Jos in the late 1970’s. Over time they have acquired extensive experience in the most diverse range of employment law, contract law and governance matters and have established a high quality international network. They are considered by clients, peers, and legal directories as leading experts in their field.

Being a lean and highly specialized independent law firm, Sagiure offers its clients personalized attention and responsiveness, innovative legal solutions, simplicity of internal procedures, transparency and more competitive fees compared with many traditional law firms. Sagiure lawyers enjoy autonomy and flexibility while working on professionally rewarding assignments.

Firm Philosophy

Firm Philosophy

Behind our firm’s name stands a combination of two words: (i) “sage” meaning “wisdom” and (ii) “iure” – Latin word for “law”, making Intelligence and Justice the foundation of both our business vision and our understanding of the legal profession. With this base, we are determined to provide our clients with smart business solutions that achieve optimal results. 

Sagiure was conceived as a law firm for the 21st century – we work quickly and effectively, always keeping our clients’ business goals, their often limited time, and budget in mind, as well as keeping them fully informed. We have our eyes on the latest developments in law, are hands on and able to think of out-of-the-box solutions. Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. 

We strongly believe in the power of adaptation. In the post-pandemic world, our clients face additional business challenges, and we adjust our work to their new circumstances and reality. We listen to what their new needs are to understand better their business environment, and we maintain a constant dialogue with them fostering mutual trust, thus ensuring we get the maximum out of the relationship.